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The way a student starts and ends their day is also important in their education journey. KMA's before and after-school program provides students with a variety of programs and activities. Homework help Recreation activities (games, free play) Enrichment (arts, technology, sports) Snacks and/or meal

Before/After-school: Overview of the Day

Each day we offer drop-off and pick-up options for children at local elementary schools as an additional service to parents. When you drop your child in the morning at KMA, they can eat breakfast and play with friends until it's time to leave for their elementary school aboard our school van.

In the afternoon, we pick them up again and bring them back to have snacks. Then, every child can focus on homework in a quiet setting. If they need any help with their homework, the teacher will be available to guide them. If the child has no homework, they can dig into our diverse selection of age-appropriate reading books. They will be encouraged to read, complete book reports, and fill in academic activity worksheets. After homework is complete, the children have the opportunity to play, do arts and crafts, and play outside until they are picked up to go home.

We would love to give a tour of our school and provide you with greater details, book a tour today!

This program offers:

Academic Support

Students will have additional opportunities to receive tutoring for their homework and other school projects

Social/ Leadership Development

Coupled with the extracurricular activities provided at KMA, students will have the opportunity to create childhood friendships and develop leadership skills in a smaller setting from that of their elementary schools. 

Safety/ Security

Students are always adult supervised. Studies have shown that supervision can decrease children’s likelihood of participating in risky activities and ultimately encourage them to form connections with trusted individuals.

Nutritional and Physical Support

Students will be served nutritional snacks and a well-balanced dinner. In addition, physical activities are provided to keep the students healthy and happy. 

Why choose a Before/After-school Program (Out-of-school Time Programs)

  • Demonstrably improve academic outcomes 

  • Program quality and intentionality influence outcomes

  • Opportunity to find passion/ hobbies interest during a school week 

  • Safety and supervision 

  • Homework completion 

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