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Biology Class
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KMA is devoted to developing the greatest minds beyond the preschool years. Montessori higher education activates your child's academic independence while also providing them social, emotional, and life skills needed beyond their early childhood education journey.

Lower Elementary Program Curriculum

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Hybrid Montessori Curriculum

KMA’s unique Lower Elementary curriculum is a hybrid approach of both traditional Montessori pedagogy and common core standard curriculum. Your child would be graced with the opportunity of obtaining twice as much knowledge, skills, and support in a low-pressure setting. Of course, the program is designed to help each individual child’s needs at their own pace but still upholds academic excellence and rules of a traditional public school. Our mission is to equip elementary students with the schools to not only navigate public school but feel confident as students and develop a love for learning. 


We know that when some children start public school they tend to get lost and their personalities, identity, and interest for learning can be affected especially during the pressure of understanding and following rules in a new environment. That is why the KMA Lower Elementary Program is the bridge between the Montessori education environment and the public school environment.  


For more information on enrollment, curriculum, teachers, and schedules please contact us via phone or book a tour! We love meeting you all in person and helping meet your needs, so book a tour today!

Important Information

Instructional Time:

8:30 AM-2:30 PM

2:30 PM-6:30 PM (Extended Day)

  • Please note that classroom instruction starts exactly at 8:30 AM, parents please bring your child on time so that they can receive the maximum during their enrollment in the program.

Dress Code for Instructional Year:

Concerning attire for the top wear a red polo shirt is required. Concerning the bottom wear, khaki pants, shorts, and or skorts are allowed. Please speak to the front desk for questions or concerns.

Items from Home Policy:

Students are encouraged but not required to bring the following items. However, ALL the items listed that are brought by the student must be labeled with their first and last name:

  • Water Bottle

  • Backpack

  • Lunchbags

  • Extra Clothes 

Main Supplies

  • Textbooks

    • Spectrum Workbooks (the teacher after evaluation will notify you exactly what grade level workbook you need) The following are the subject areas needed for each student:​

      • Math​

      • Reading

      • Writing 

      • Spelling

      • Language Arts

      • Phonics

    • See parent resources for textbook purchasing site suggestions

  • Homework folder- (provided by the school)

  • Progress reports- (provided by the school)

  • Additional Supplies* 

Benefits of our Hybrid Program

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