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About our Primary Class

3 ½ to 5 years

The primary class is set up in an open style with work areas throughout the room and material available on accessible shelving. Most lessons are given to small groups or individual children, while other children are working independently.


The children will always be encouraged and challenged to achieve higher levels of learning but allowed to progress at their own pace.


The primary curriculum teaches the core subjects that include language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies. Each day the children have the opportunity to rest from 12.30 PM to 2.30 PM.

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Primary Care: Theory and Enrichment 

In alignment with Maria Montessori's philosophy of child development, KMA has adopted the fundamental requirements for an infant in our care to receive rapid cognitive and physical growth. In corresponds to providing, proper care, nutrition, rest, balanced environment, our academy staff is equipped to aid in the development of your child's individual being during this time in their childhood. We would love for you to go over in more extensive detail about our Primary Class Curriculum. Book a tour today!


In the Classroom
Cognitive Progression & Development  
  • develops an interest in the written langauge 

  • can order some objects hierarchically

  • can count a few objects

  • Basic comprehension of cause and effect

  • concentration improves, can intentioanlly sustain attention;

  • displays a genuine interest and ability in reading and writing 

  • improving ability to distinguish between appearance of fantasy and reality 

Teacher and Young Student
Development of Language
  • listens to simple stories and is able to answer simple questions about them 

  • understand prepostions 

  • uses more complex senteces

  • answers simple "when" questions

  • uses possesives

  • use of more pronouns

  • understanding more contrasting concepts

Development of Movement 
  • walks in a straight line

  • can cut paper with scissors

  • can peddle and steer a tricycle 

  • effectivley manage large buttons

  • walk a circular line 

  • dresses and undresses without help

  • uses eating utensils efectivley

  • can gallop and skip with one foot

  • walk shakily on balance 

  • can catch ball with hands 

Holding a Bird
Development of Personality 
  • formation first friendships 

  • can distinguish between social conventions and moral guidelines

  • improved ablity to predict, influence, and interpret the emotional behaviors and responses of others

  • deciphers social cues to interpret a person's intention

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