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From the time they are born, babies are spectacular learners. They immediately investigate the sights, sounds, and feel of their environment. Our classrooms foster and support a sense of independence, allowing each child to develop and emerge into their unique individuality.

About our Infant Care 

6 Weeks to 12 Months

Our infant Montessori program provides infants with a secure and rich world full of possibilities for lively discovery and delight through moving, feeling, hearing, and touching. Their environment at Kids Montessori Academy is filled with responsive interactions and verbal communication that encourage open avenues of connection

At KMA, our curriculum is designed for comprehensive development at their own natural rate. Learning and caring are always together. Our teachers and caregivers offer constant care in a setting that nurtures a collection of sensory stimulation and mobility. A baby who senses genuine connection, trust, and safety will also mirror those feelings as they grow and explore their surroundings.

Infant Care: Theory and Enrichment 

In alignment with Maria Montessori's philosophy of child development, KMA has adopted the fundamental requirements for an infant in our care to receive rapid cognitive and physical growth. In corresponds to providing, proper care, nutrition, rest, balanced environment, our academy staff is equipped to aid in the development of your infant's self and individual being during this crucial stage of life. We would love for you to go over in more extensive detail about our Infant Care Curriculum. Book a tour today!

Baby Playing with Building Blocks
Cognitive Progression & Development  
  • Ability to imitate (adult facial expressions)

  • Can-find hidden objects

  • Improving ability to remember people, places and objects

  • Can order and store simple stimuli 

Development of Language
  • Watching caregiver mouth movements

  • Cooing and gurgling 

  • smiling or laughing when being spoken to

  • Babbling syllabies

  • Speaking one word at a time

  • Focus on exercise of infants vocal tract

Cute Baby Crawling
Development of Movement 
  • Head erect and steady

  • Elevevate self using arms

  • Rolling from side to side on back

  • Grasping objects 

  • Siting without assistance 

  • Pulls self to stand 

  • Walking without assitance 

Smiling Baby
Development of Personality 
  • Expressions of anger and fear increase and frequency

  • appreance of seperation anxiety and stranger anxiety

  • Mimics emotinal expressions of adults during face-to-face

  • observation of laughter and broad smiling

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